The VIPlus™ package manages loyalty programs. This web-based software enables the storage of various data relating to the loyalty program members, such as name, telephone numbers, etc. In addition, other details can be defined according to system administrator specifications. The names can be sorted into various categories, groups and subgroups, and mailing and distribution lists can be generated accordingly.

The software enables the input of various contents intended for distribution, such as: news, useful and promotional information, and various messages. All information of this sort, intended for distribution, can be sent to the entire list of names appearing in the database or just to a selected portion thereof. Mail can also be sent individually, such as: birthday greetings and, contrarily, requests for payment.

The Package

  • Web-based software
  • User-friendly interface
  • Professional support
  • Product training
  • Warranty certificate / one year
  • Discount on future purchases
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