Ella Verza

Brand Ella Verza was established from the desire to combine art and fashion, to bring something different and unique original way while ensuring the comfort, luxury and uncompromising quality, and it was said "if you want something to succeed, do it yourself".

Behind the fashion brand are a number of entrepreneurs who are interested in the promotion and exposure of talented designers who bring a different perception of contemporary art and fashion by which consists of all the collections.

Our cuts are tailored to a wide variety of women, with an emphasis on clean lines and classic, with design patterns with geometric shapes and minimalist. Simplicity and minimalism choice allows to focus attention on the garment itself, which is the main actor in the play, allowing the personality of every single one of you, to be expressed not control it. As with any show, actors are just as important, when the role will carefully selected range of accessories, to meet the high standards of the brand.
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