V.I.Plus is an professional email marketing system that manages Loyalty Programs and large scale newsletter mailing lists. The mailing system allows for the editing of marketing-focused and content-rich messages and makes possible their quick and efficient distribution, regardless of size or quantity. The system is suitable for dispatching news updates, useful tips, information, marketing materials and sales, as well as  any other type of newsletter.
The program’s interface allows the user to  define and save various  customer details including name, contact information, and other important data  that will allow you to accurately organize your mailing list and help you create a personal touch in your messages. The mailing lists are saved within the system and can contain an unlimited number of recipients. Those lists can then be organized  and divided into groups, according to predetermined custom criteria. The system allows the user to send messages to the recipients on the mailing lists through standard mail, electronic mail, or text messages (SMS). The system allows you to follow the recipients’ responses to the  mail and allows the user to analyze each newsletter’s level of effectiveness.
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